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Barcode Readers and Barcode Scanners

    To Read Or To Scan

    Barcode Necessities

    A Barcode Reader or a Barcode Scanner are predominate tools in the toolbox of any business. Therefore, SixB Labels is a proud Value-Added Reseller of  Worth Data Barcode Readers, Portable Readers and RF Data Collection Terminals. SixB and Worth Data share a customer-oriented focus, providing knowledgeable support when help is needed rather than a messaging service. 

    Available Barcode Readers and Barcode Scanners:

    • Worth Data LZI65 - USB/WDP (costs $179)  Rugged 1D handheld laser scanner that offers a USB Keyboard attachment for fast bar code scanning. Attach by USB as a second keyboard, and enter data into any application - just like keyed entry - place your cursor anywhere you want bar code entry and scan! It is that easy. These laser scanners have a 9" scanning range and read all standard 1D bar codes including; Code 39, UPC, GS1 DataBar and Code 128. The scanners are built with a rugged, ergonomic housing.
    • Worth Data 530-2D Imager (costs $399,  SALE PRICE $299) Reads 2D Matrix Barcodes like QR Codes, PDF417, Datamatrix, MaxiCode, Postnet, MIL-STD UID bar codes, and USPS Intelligent Mail IMBC codes. Additionally, it also reads all types of 1D bar codes like GS1, Code 39, UPC/EAN, Code 128 and inputs data into any program or application - just like keyed entry - just place your cursor anywhere you want bar code entry and scan! Use this .pdf to set up your new reader.
    • Worth Data 5100 Tricoder™ (costs $799) Portable bar code scanner for doing inventory counts, data storage,  and other batch data collection applications. Create custom programs for the unit or use the included inventory programs already in the unit. Easily update Microsoft Excel spreadsheets using our powerful free plug-in included with every TriCoder.
    • barcode-reader-scanner-verifier

      Barcode Readers / Scanners, Barcode Verifiers

    • wd-lz160-usb-scanner

      Worth Data LZ160 1D Imager

    • wd-530-2d-barcode-reader

      Worth Data 530-2D Imager

    • wd-5100-tricoder-barcode-reader

      Worth Data 5100 TricoderTM

    Barcode Reader and Scanner Features:

    • Entry-level to complex solutions
    • Scan-ability into almost any type of software
    • Standard USB & keyboard wedge ports
    • Implementation for point-of-sale retail solutions or time & attendance usage
    • Multiple scanner attachment choices
    • Mobile and remote data collection
    • Battery operations and portability
    • Storing scans and keyed data with built-in memory

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    SixB Barcode Verification Options:

    Shareable evaluation and scoring of your Barcodes. More information on our Barcode Verification page.