To Read Or To Scan

Barcode Necessities

A Barcode Reader or a Barcode Scanner are predominate tools in the toolbox of any business. Therefore, SixB Labels is a proud Value-Added Reseller of  Worth Data Barcode Readers, Portable Readers and RF Data Collection Terminals. SixB and Worth Data share a customer-oriented focus, providing knowledgeable support when help is needed rather than a messaging service. 

Available Barcode Readers and Barcode Scanners:

Barcode Reader and Barcode Scanner Features: 

  • Entry-level to complex solutions
  • Battery operations and portability
  • Scanability into almost any type of software
  • Storing scans and keyed data with built-in memory
  • Standard USB & keyboard wedge ports
  • Multiple scanner attachment choices
  • Mobile and remote data collection inventory wants
  • Implementation for point-of-sale retail solutions or time & attendance usage