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    Simplifying Labels Since 1979.

    Custom Labels For Your Business

    For more than 39 years, Labels have been the heart of the SixB world. So much so that we expanded the business to incorporate Barcodes and Products such as Applicators, DispensersPrinters and beyond. We take a 360-degree view of Labeling Programs because our Labels should fit appropriately within your business, not on the outside. 

    Our Simplifying Labeling approach includes complimentary consultations, proofs and the like to create the most appropriate products and services for our customers, end users and Distributors alike. Our partners include Referrers as well as Distributors, who garner wholesale pricing, non-branded marketing materials and samples with ongoing sources of information.

    Take a deeper look at some more of our Label offerings!

    Categories of SixB Labels :

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      Custom Labels
    • digital-labels.jpg
      Digital Labels
    • product-labels.jpg
      Product Labels
    • electronic-labels.jpg
      Electronic Labels
    • specialty-labels.jpg
      Specialty Labels

    SixB's Advantage for your Labels:

    • 100% Guarantee without risk and options to reprint or refund order
    • Single Source Provider of Labels, Barcodes and Labeling Products
    • Stock of more than 1,500 Dies & 120 Brand Materials
    • Offer a variety of Printing Methods, even Combo Printing Solutions
    • On-Time Or Earlier Delivery, shipping most orders within 7-10 business days
    • "Perfection-Oriented" Manufacturing with error-reducing Art Proofs & more

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    Custom Labels Testimonials:

     “We are about to launch, and plan on adding new product lines. You did a fantastic job, with great printing!” Curtis