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Electronic Labels

    Tangible Technology 

    Electrifying Equipment Labeling

    Electronic Labels show that no matter how digitally and technologically advanced our world gets every day, we still have to mark our devices and tools tangibly.  As energizing as these labels can be, they are not without their rules and regulations.

    This is where SixB Labels' Simplifying Labeling approach becomes quite influential in your business. For more than 40 years we have been following compliance requirements for the likes of UL and CSA. See our Electronic Labels dissection yourself and connect with us today!

    Common Types of Electronic / Equipment Labels:

    SixB Meets Compliance Requirements:

    • UL Certified
    • CSA Certified
    • RoHS
    • REACH
    • CA Prop 65

    How To Use Electronic Labels:

    • Instrument & Control Panel Template
    • Switchboards, Keypads, Plates & Overlays
    • Defense Industry Product Labels
    • Desktop, Tablet & Mobile Device Labels
    • Audio/Video & Medical Diagnostic Equipment
    • Toys & Gaming Devices, Commercial Distribution of Music, Film & Television
    • Transportation & Packaging Elements
    • Hospitals, Private Practices, Medical Environments
    • Home Improvement, Super Store Retailers
    • Data Storage & Identification

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    Popular Electronic Labels Materials & More:

    • High-Temperature — up to 350° F — Polyester or Mylar
    • Extremely-High-Temperature — up to 1,000° F — Polyimide or Kapton®
    • Laser, Inkjet, Thermal Transfer Materials
    • Variable Data Printing Options
    • Stock & Custom Packaging and DOT Labels Availability
    • Flexographic and Silkscreen Printing Methods
    • Lamination for Additional Protection & Durability
    • UL Approved, UL 969, CSA, FCC Approved & Tamper-Evident Films or Mylar
    • Barcodes such as Code 39 (Code 3 of 9) & Code 128
    • Pre-Printed Shells and Blank Options
    • Matte or Gloss Appearances


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    Electronic Labels Testimonials:

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    "We have been very happy. We would absolutely quote with you again!" —Rhonda