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Specialty Labels

    Labels In Their Own Categories: Foil, Embossed, Silkscreen, and More

    Unique Projects That Elevate Your Brand

    Specialty Labels could fall into multiple categories themselves, as well as blending into uses across your business. These particular SixB Labels are also specialized in that their craft is continuously honed and developed. This allows our customers to develop the best depiction of their brand.

    Common Specialty Labels:

    How To Use Specialty Labels:

    • Cosmetic, Food, Beverage & specifically Wines
    • Branded Shell Scenarios with Logo & Text
    • Floor & Carpet Social Distancing Decals
    • Intense Indoor & Outdoor Environments
    • Mailing & Shipping Scenarios 
    • Medley of Devices, Electronics & Equipment
    • Personalized Name Badges & Cards, Stationery & Anniversary Seals
    • Promotions, Gifts, Special Events & Trade Shows
    • Re-positionable Shelf-Marking Labels with Barcodes
    • Retail UPC, Publishing & Media ISBN/EAN, Code 39 & Code 128 Barcode Selections 
    • Tamper Evident "Void" Barcodes for Security and Theft Control
    • Various Product & Packaging from Simplest to Most Ornate Gourmet
    • specialty-labels.jpg
      Specialty Labels
    • embossed-labels.jpg
      Gold, Silver and Embossed Labels
    • die-cut-labels.jpg
      Die-Cut Labels
    • reusable-labels.jpg
      Reusable or Repositionable Labels
    • name-badge-labels.jpg
      Name Badge Labels
    • silkscreen-labels.jpg
      Silkscreen Labels and Decals

    Popular Specialty Labels Materials & More:

    • Permanent and Removable Adhesives
    • White FSC Paper (see our blog on FSC paper)
    • Foil, Kraft, Vinyl, Polyester, and Other Man-Made Substrates
    • Roll and Sheet Formats
    • Unique Thermal Transfer Paper or Films
    • Barcodes & Re-positionable Self-Marking Labeling Material
    • Flexography with 1-8 Spot Colors or Four-Color Processing 
    • Single & Double-Sided Printing Selections 
    • Over-Lamination on Film Materials for Higher Durability
    • Hot & Cold Foil Collection of Choices
    • UL & CSA Approved Printing Options

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    Specialty Labels Testimonials:

      "Everything went well. The labels came out great and everything was on time. Thank you!" —Dave

    "We were very happy with the service, the quality, and the turnaround time!" —Jerry