A Dispensary For Labels

Simple Access Labeling

Label Dispensers are one of those gadgets that are so handy, no one in the Labels world could imagine an existence without them.  From production lines to payment stations, manual dispensers do heavy duty: simple to operate, quick to load and thread, without excessive cost, and with options for wall mounting.

SixB Labels-specific pricing is available upon request, and a breakdown of dispenser options are below.

Label Dispenser Features To Look For:

  • Wall mount solutions capable of holding multiple weights
  • Multiple support arms, hubs, and rods to choose from
  • Core adapters to manage varying core diameters
  • Dispensa-Matic products available at varying widths from 4" to 12"

SixB Label Dispenser Options:

  • Deluxe Wall Mounted Label Dispenser
  • Dispensa-Matic DML Series 450 or 850
  • Dispensa-Matic DML Series 1250
  • Dispensa-Matic Simple-Simon