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Barcode Verification

    Verifying Barcodes

    Demonstrations of Support

    SixB Labels is an industry leader in Barcode Verification, offering both services and distribution of RJS Barcode Verifiers. Sometimes relationships with retailers and third parties become combative in relation to barcode validation. We don't believe it has to be this way. We literally hold hands through the barcode process with our customers. Well, if they want us to.

    Explore the elements of barcode verification SixB Labels details below. We hope to join you on your barcode journey. 

    "Note: It is important not to confuse scanning with verification. At best, scanning a symbol can be used as a "go/no-go" test of whether a symbol can be read by that particular scanner".  –GS1US.org

    Reasons to Verify Barcodes:

    • Improve Quality: Ensure Maximum Reliability in the Interface between Barcode Printing and Scanning Technologies
    • Increase Productivity: Achieve High First-Time-Read Rates
    • Avoid the Unnecessary: Avoid Compliance Penalties and Production-Line Shutdowns

    Available Barcode Verifiers:

    SixB Barcode Verification Service Includes:

    • Expertise to verify barcodes best practices to follow Barcode Symbology Guidelines
    • Printouts of Verification Services, which could be shared with Third-Party Retailers, or the link-distributing products with Barcodes
    • Options to meld in additional Barcode Services


    • barcode-verification

      Verified Barcode Printout

    • rjs-inspector-5000

      RJS Inspector® 5000

    • rjs-laser-inspector-1000

      RJS Laser Inspector 1000

        Barcode Verifier Features:

    • Supporting popular Barcode Symbology
    • Simple Interfaces & Point-and-Shoot Operations
    • Patented Auto-Optic scan with 8-Optical arrangements
    • Utilizing a moving Beam Laser Scanner
    • Analyzing essential verification parameters such as Average Bar Deviation, Quiet Zones, Mod Check & Ratio


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