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    SixB Labels is proud to announce our membership in the Go Texan campaign. Started by the Texas Department of Agriculture in 1999, the campaign was launched to celebrate, support, and promote the agricultural products, culture and communities of Texas. Currently, the Go Texan® program encourages shoppers, diners and tourists to patronize Texas-made products of every sort--whether it's "grown, sewn, or served up on a plate!" Among SixB's client companies, members of the Go Texan® program include providers of candles, whisky, candy and baked goods, all made right here in Texas. For more information, see http://www.gotexan.org.

    Primary Benefits of Go Texan® Membership:

    • Assist new and current business to grow and flourish in Texas with the ultimate goal of increasing sales and awareness of Texas agricultural products.
    • Tap into Texas loyalty for Texas products, encouraging the state’s 26 million consumers to Go Texan® when they make purchases.
    • Expand Texas’ participation in the world market, increasing awareness of Texas agricultural products nationally and internationally, in addition to creating a huge tide of support at home.
    • Partner with producers, processors, manufacturers and retailers to spotlight and promote Texas products for unprecedented visibility and sales.
    • Increase the positive public perception of Texas agriculture and products by tapping into Texas pride.
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      "Fantastic service! SixB Labels provided super fast service and the labels were exactly what I needed. I will for sure use them again!"  —Summer