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Food Labels

    A Feast of Labels

    Terrific Food Packaging Labels for Taste Treats

    The average consumer encounters many different labels in a lifetime, but the ones most commonly seen are for food, because we all need to eat!

    For over 44 years, we have been printing labels that meet the ever-changing needs of food producers and distributors for accurate nutrition information, powerful branding, and reliable performance. Among SixB's client companies, members of the Go Texan® program include providers of candles, whisky, candy, and baked goods, all made right here in Texas. For more information, see http://www.gotexan.org.

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    Common Types of Food Labels:


    How To Use Food Labels:

    • Nutritional & Ingredient Information ( see our FDA blog )
    • UPC Barcoding for Retail Sales & Inventory Management
    • Warehouse & Storage Systems, Distribution Centers
    •  Non-Profit Branded Envelopes, Packages, Boxes & Containers
    • food-labels
      Custom Food Labels
    • food-dessert-candy-labels
      Cookie & Candy Labels
    • food-honey-jelly-salsa-labels
      Honey, Jelly, and Salsa Jar Label
    • GO TEXAN Associate Member_2 Color-smallest
      Supporting Texas Products

    Popular Food Label Materials & More:

    • Pressure-Sensitive Materials, Combination Printing Choices
    • One to Eight Spot Colors & Four Color Process Printing
    • Prints in Ink, Hot Stamp Foil, or Embossed Foil
    • Cold Foil Stamp for Higher-Volume Orders
    • Hi-Gloss  & Semi-Gloss Materials, BOPP & Clear BOPP
    • Varnish for Honey & Syrup Bottle Labels
    • Laminate for Strength in Multiple Environments
    • Durability in Harsh Indoor Environments
    • Cold & Freezing Temperature Adhesives for Food  Labels
    • Water-based Inks Available ( see our FSC Blog )
    • Indirect Food Additive Adhesives
    • Over 1600 Shapes & Sizes Available
    • Sequential Numbers or Barcode Add-Ons
    • Roll or Sheeted Formats; Blank, Tinted or Printed Shells
    • Blank Outputs Ready for Handwriting, Branded Versions with Logo
    • Materials Compatible with Laser, Inkjet, Thermal Transfer, Direct Thermal and Dot Matrix Printers

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    Check Out Our FDA Blog

    Food Labels Testimonials:

     "Everything was great! We're very happy. Stacy was patient and on top of it!"—Becky

    "They were fantastic! Working with Barry and the SixB team was great!" —Heather

    "Excellent experience at SixB. Stacy was creative and informative. We are very happy with the resulting label product, as well as time frame. Thanks!" — Syed

    "Barry was so good at helping me--he sent lots of different-sized samples, and the way he worked with me, there was just no problem and everything fell into place!!"  —Betty 

    "SixB is great - Barry takes good care of me!" —Bob

    "You have been there for us over and over again and we are very happy with SixB Labels!"—Jenna

    "My labels look great! Really pleased with the way they came out.  Thanks as always, hope to order more soon". —Matt

    "The Live Coals label look great! Really pleased the way they came out. 
    Thanks as always, hope to order more soon."  Matt