A Feast of Labels

Terrific Food Packaging Labels for Taste Treats

The average consumer encounters many different labels in a lifetime, but the ones most commonly seen are for food, because we all need to eat!

For over 40 years, we have been printing labels that meet the ever-changing needs of food producers and distributors for accurate nutrition information, powerful branding, and reliable performance. Among SixB's client companies, members of the Go Texan® program include providers of candles, whisky, candy, and baked goods, all made right here in Texas. For more information, see http://www.gotexan.org.

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Common Types of Food Labels:

  • Food Packaging Labels, Pre-packaged Food Labels, Clamshell Labels
  • Container Labels, Take Out Labels, Food Box Labels
  • Freezer Labels, USDA Meat Labels
  • Oil Bottle, Vinegar & Salad Dressing Bottle Labels
  • Sauces, Dips & Salsa Jar Labels
  • Honey, Jam & Jelly Jar Labels
  • Food Gift Set Labels, Bulk Food Packaging Labels
  • Cookie Bag & Cookie Box Labels ( see Great One Cookie packaging )
  • Tea Labels & Coffee Labels
  • Labels for Gourmet Goodies such as Chocolates, Candies, Nuts & Toffee

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How To Use Food Labels:

  • Nutritional & Ingredient Information ( see our FDA blog )
  • UPC Barcoding for Retail Sales & Inventory Management
  • Warehouse & Storage Systems, Distribution Centers
  •  Envelopes & Packages, Boxes & Containers

Popular Food Label Materials & More:

  • Pressure-Sensitive Materials, Combination Printing Choices
  • One to Eight Spot Colors & Four Color Process Printing
  • Prints in Ink, Hot Stamp Foil, or Embossed Foil
  • Cold Foil Stamp for Higher-Volume Orders
  • Hi-Gloss  & Semi-Gloss Materials, BOPP & Clear BOPP
  • Varnish for Honey & Syrup Bottle Labels
  • Laminate for Strength in Multiple Environments
  • Durability in Harsh Indoor Environments
  • Cold & Freezing Temperature Adhesives for Food  Labels
  • Water-based Inks Available ( see our FSC Blog )
  • Indirect Food Additive Adhesives
  • Over 1600 Shapes & Sizes Available
  • Sequential Numbers or Barcode Add-Ons
  • Roll or Sheeted Formats; Blank, Tinted or Printed Shells
  • Blank Outputs Ready for Handwriting, Branded Versions with Logo
  • Materials Compatible with Laser, Inkjet, Thermal Transfer, Direct Thermal and Dot Matrix Printers