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Label Rewinders

    Labels Need Direction

    Label Rewinders For End-Use Application

    After labels are printed, they need to be rewound onto a roll, to prepare them for application to packages and containers. That's where our Label Rewinders come in.  As printed labels come out of a printer, the label rewinder gathers the labels onto a roll. Once the labels are rewound, they can be applied using either a label dispenser or an automatic or semi-automatic labeling machine.  Using any label rewinder allows for hands-free operation and allows time to multi-task.

    Please see an overview of available Label Rewinders below, and SixB-specific pricing is available upon request.

    Label Rewinder Features To Look For:

    • Set-ups, from more simplified production lines to the industrial
    • Range of Material Widths (varies by brand)
    • Various options available by brand
    • Maximum label roll outside diameters up to 11"
    • Minimum and maximum core diameter requirements from 1" to  3"

    Note: The Sato RWG-500 includes the EXT Cable Connector for Sato printers with EXT port. Universal Power Supply is available at an additional cost for all other printers.

    • sato-rwg_500_label_rewinder

      Sato RWG-500 Label Rewinder

    • GoDEX_T-10_label_rewinder

      GoDEX T-10 Rewinder

    • label-acc-glr-100

      Label Accessories Inc. GLR-100 Rewinder

    • sato-ws4_label_unwinder

      Sato WS4 Label Unwinder

    SixB Label Rewinders to Choose From:

    Remember When Ordering Labels:

    • Select one of the eight Label Wind Positions 
    • Share the maximum core diameter your rewinder allows for the label roll to correspond in size

    Video on using the WS4 Unwinder:


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