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    Labels and Stickers for Your Non-Profit

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    At this time of year, it is customary to think about giving. Of course, many of us might be giving gifts to our family, friends, and co-workers during the Holiday Season. In addition, individuals, companies, and organizations think about ways that they can contribute to their communities, which involves giving in the larger sense, and not only at the holidays. 

    How Does SixB Labels Gift Custom Printing?

    Years ago, our co-founder figured out an important money-management principle. He had spent a lot of time looking for ways to give back to the community. However, he also knew that we are in the same boat as every other small business — working within strict financial constraints while trying to make our operating budget stretch just as far as possible. This means, of course, that we will never be able to contribute as much cash to important causes as we might wish.

    So as he continued to look for ways to make those dollars go further, he landed on a plan: contributing charity labels for good causes and organizations. These labels can take a variety of formats, including  Bumper Stickers,  Name Badges and Square Stickers Sheets (like our Holiday Gift Stickers Sheets available for purchase).

    At SixB Labels, we like to think of it along the lines of that particular old saying, "Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and feed him for a lifetime."

    What is the Real Value of Bumper Stickers?

    In the case of bumper stickers, once we contribute a batch of our stock give-away's to your not-for-profit group, and we can sell you your own design at a discounted price. You have a number of options in how to utilize these products:

    • You could ask folks to make a donation of their choice or specify the likes of $10 for these vinyl stickers, which could create more than $1,000 of almost costless revenue for your organization.
    • You could distribute to prospects and members alike as a branding tool without spending capital. Stickers' value could have a long-term return on investments without the investments. They can be used to spread the word for charitable causes and events, work as reminders, give us a chuckle, or inspire. See these various examples below.

    Bumper Stickers Donated to Non-Profit Organizations


    Humorous Slogans for Your Work Space/Cubicle Wall


    Motivational Messages for a Home-Based Mirror

    In short, the sturdy, ubiquitous bumper sticker is one of the most valuable additions to the toolkit of printed marketing collateral. They offer themselves as a medium for messaging in many different environments because they can be utilized as a non-profit sticker in such a wide variety of ways, including: 

    • On a Vehicle's Bumper (Of Course)
    • As Giveaways & Inclusions in Swag Bags
    • On Sign Boards & Prize Checks
    • As Event Branding On Tents & More
    • On Prosthetics, Wheelchairs & Sports Equipment
    • Designed With A Specific Message and/or Only Organization Logo
    • With A Scannable Data Matrix Code featuring a URL Link

    Because they are easy to use, eye-catching, and can show up in so many places, bumper stickers are great conversation starters.

    What Is Included with SixB Labels' Bumper Stickers:

    • Durable silkscreen print on vinyl material with removable adhesive
    • Rectangle shape with square corners in the dimension of 7.5" width by 3.75"

    And of course, bumper stickers are not the only printed marketing tool that we can contribute.

    Name Badge Labels

    How Do SixB's Most Versatile Name Badges Benefit Your Organization?

    If your not-for-profit organization holds meetings or organizes/attends conferences, our charity stickers are very likely better than what you might have used before. Beyond the 50% savings we can offer you with these  name badge labels, their flexibility also benefits your organization's reputation with guests. 

    These pressure-sensitive products could be printed through any laser or inkjet printer and tucked into a standard, vinyl name badge holder with clip and/or lanyard of choice. They are perforated and come formatted with two labels per sheet. Once printed, they could also be applied directly to clothing.  Or if you want to hang them around your neck or your wrist, they can be folded over any type of ribbon, shoestring or lanyard and pressed together, making a custom badge holder. They can also be folded over and used as a bag sealer on a meal kit or giveaway bag.

    What Is Included with SixB Labels' Versatile Name Badges:

    • Labels are 4" x 3", two up per sheet. 
    • Almost All Name Badge Labels Are:
      • Great for all organizations, charities and events.
      • Suitable for further name personalization with your standard home/office inkjet printers or laser printers
      • Can be printed by SixB with some standard details like the non-profit logo, using 1 to 8 spot colors, or via the 4-Color Process
      • On a paper material with an adhesive that won't damage clothing
      • Individually perforated and sheeted with two labels
      • Suitable for hand-written applications when printed on matte paper.

    How Could SixB's Square Stickers Sheets Help Your Cause?

    Square Stickers For Non-Profits By The Sheet

    SixB Labels has yet another printed product that we could donate (when in stock) and that your organization could distribute for branding (in gift bags and/or outreach mediums) and/or make available for individual donations: custom non-profit six-square sticker sheets. These small square stickers sheets are eye-catching, diverse, and offer high-quality imagery. Consider that a  $10 per sheet donation could result in more than $2,000 for your non-governmental organization.

    What Is Included with SixB Labels' Six-Square Sticker Sheets:

    • 4.125" width by 6.875" height pre-printed labels
    • The six (6) stickers per sheet are 2" squares
    • The paper material is offered in either gloss or matte

    What If You Need Help With Sticker or Label Design Concepts?

    Now we understand the various dynamics of start-up non-profits, or those that have a small and mighty group of volunteers behind them, where getting the stickers or labels is an enormous help but difficulties remain in generating graphic art. Well, with SixB Labels, even if you only have a few design concepts, say, for the six-square stickers sheets, we're happy to share graphics and discuss ideas with you for the remaining four stickers.  Above and below are only some ideas to consider. 


    Option For Up To Six Unique Designs (Without Bleeding) Per Sheet

    With 40+ years in business, we are also happy to offer a complimentary consultation on either the square sticker sheets, the name badge labels, or the bumper stickers, and to leverage some standard design concepts we have produced over the years.

    Ultimately, SixB Labels is here for you and the people behind your charitable organization as you support your community. Please reach out to us today to add another medium to market your cause and make a greater impact!

    Save Time - Email Us Directly With Your Questions on How We Can Help Your Non-Profit: 


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    Michelle Feldman

    Written by Michelle Feldman

    Marketing Associate at SixB Labels

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