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Outdoor Labels

    The Great Outdoors 

    Labeling Out Of The Office

    The labels are literally those that are outdoors or in harsh indoor environments, are notable for their strength, and with a story that is primarily unspoken but powerfully visual. Durability is the ultimate objective here (weatherproof and /or waterproof labels). All the while, the branding, and awareness they create for Non-Profits, Associations, and Institutions are so influential.

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    Common Types of Outdoor Labels:

    How To Use Outdoor Labels To:

    • Branding, Promotional Items & Give-Aways 
    • Membership Organizations & Neighborhood Associations
    • Non-Profits Cause Awareness
    • Parking Decals - Schools and Organizations
    • Auto Racing, Automobile Repairs & Services
    • Boating Decals, Fishing Rod and Lure Branding
    • Drums & Musical Equipment
    • Construction Sites & Specifically Hard Hats
    • Hidden Watermark Ink Seals
    • Pre-Printed Thermal Transfer Shells
    • Short and Long-Term Wet Environments
    • Labs, Factories, Plants & Warehouses
    • Pool & Spa Industry
    • outdoor-labels.jpg
      Outdoor Labels
    • bumper-sticker.jpg
      Bumper Stickers
    • hard-hat-decals.jpg
      Hard Hat Decals
    • vinyl-decals.jpg
      Vinyl Decals
    • waterproof-decals.jpg
      Waterproof Decals
    • window-decals.jpg
      Window Decals

    Popular Outdoor Labels Materials & More:

    • Removable, Permanent, or Static Cling Adhesives
    • Vinyl, Polyesters, Reflective Materials
    • Tamper-Evident Films or Mylars
    • Barcodes such as Code 39 (Code 3 of 9) & Code 128
    • Lamination for Additional Protection & Durability, Waterproof Materials
    • Single & Double-Sided Printing Options
    • Silkscreen Prints with UV Inks Optional
    • Silkscreen Printing, in particular, to reduce fading from sunlight exposure


    Yes - We Do Magnets!

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    Outdoor Labels Testimonials:

     "Very good buying experience, and we need to re-order!" —Bob

    "Excellent customer service, prompt communication, highly knowledgable. SixB worked with us to create a custom label for our company that required out-of-the-box thinking; they have a can-do approach and made the process easy." —Lanese

    “It (my experience) was good--actually it was great!" — Pat

    "Hello Stacy – Thank you so much for all the hard work your team did. Please tell everyone in production thank you!"  —Lara 

     "Great labels for what we needed on our wood products. Very hard to find the right one to fit. Thank you!" —Troy

      " I received the stickers today, they are great!  Hopefully I can get a full year of them staying stuck to my buoys." —Mike