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    Magnetic Communications: Look at Our Fine Magnets 

    Custom Magnets For Every Occasion

    Our versatile, practical, eye-catching magnets make a statement wherever you apply them! If you need a reminder of a wedding, graduation or anniversary date, a great medium for a political or fund-raising message, or an ideal way to let the world know about that terrific sports team you support-- printed magnets are the perfect solution! So that you can pick just the right design, they come in a wide variety of shapes. We offer choices of imprinted magnets from squares to rectangles, hearts to ovals, those with tops shaped like cars, vans, or telephones, special die cut shapes, and more besides. Custom imprinted magnet shapes are an option as well. Magnet  qualities include:

    • Three degrees of thickness 
    • A variety of sizes, ranging from as small as 1/2" x 4 " on up
    • Material consisting of flexible magnetized vinyl
    • Finishes including gloss (on screen, digital, or offset printing with a clear coat) and matte (offset printing without a clear coat)
    • Minimum order quantities of 250 for smaller-sized magnets

    Basic Categories of Magnets

    • save-the-date-magnets

      Save The Date Magnet

    • sports-team-magnets

      Sports Magnet

    • schedule-magnets

      Schedule Magnet

    • ribbon-cause-magnets

      Ribbon Magnet

    Subcategories of Magnets

    • Ribbon Magnets
    • Refrigerator Magnets
    • Business Card Magnets 
    • Car Sign Sticker Magnets 
    • Custom Outdoor Magnets 
    • Maxi Magnets 
    • Save-the-Date Magnets 
    • Mood Emoji Magnets 
    • Schedule Magnets 
    • Sports Magnets
    • Stick-It! Calendar Pads Magnets

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    Magnet Testimonials:

    "We were very happy with our Business Card Magnets !" —Jimmy