"Stay Safe" Stock Design Circle Decals

Whether you are looking to revamp your business with additional social distancing measures or open a new one, these Indoor Floor Decals are essential to remind patrons and employees alike to maintain a safe distance in multiple settings. These 12-inch-diameter circle-shaped decals are durable, with non-slip vinyl material, removable adhesive, and lamination. The imprint color on these stock-designed decals is our internal silkscreen ink Peacock Blue, similar to Pantone 293.

Settings commonly using these Social Distancing Indoor Floor Decals Include:

  • Retail settings such as Grocery Store, Pharmacy, Home Improvement, Auto Supplies, Clothing & Accessories
  • Medical settings such as Labs, Doctor's & Dentist's Offices
  • Business settings such as Factories, Warehouses and Plants

While product design and quantities detailed on this page are what is currently available for online purchase, if you seek another design, imprint color, or volume, please contact us immediately for pricing and additional options.  In particular inquire for pricing on a 7"x22" Rectangle Shape with "One Way" writing inside an arrow design.

*Please note when these labels are in stock they typically ship from 1-2 business days from the time order is received. Then please account for shipping selection and its respective timetable.