Social Distancing Indoor Decals

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    As businesses pivot during the COVID-19 health crisis, social distancing safety floor decals are among the necessary alterations to reopen to the public or even upgrade set-ups in essential businesses that have stayed open. SixB Labels is currently offering four stock floor label versions — as depicted in the slideshow on this page — as well as custom floor and carpet decals that meet your messaging and branding requirements.

    The durable, non-slip white vinyl material, removable adhesive and laminated floor decals — placed 6 feet apart and/or one-way directionals for certain aisles — help remind customers and patrons of best practices on social distancing while visiting a retail or healthcare setting such as a doctor's office, grocery store, pharmacy, home improvement, auto supplies, clothing store and more. Similarly, certain predominant staff attended business settings such as factories, warehouses and plants could also leverage these floor decals to remind employees on safe distancing.

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    Highlights on Stock Indoor Floor Decals:

    • Material for each stock version is a white vinyl floor decal with removable adhesive
    • Imprint for each stock version is our internal 21 Peacock Blue which is similar to Pantone 293
    • The three rectangle versions all have square corners and have dimensions of 12"x14"; 3.75"x15"; and 7"x22" respectively
    • The circle version is 12" in diameter
    • stock-floor-decals-for-indoor-use

      Stock Social Distancing Indoor Decals

    • stay-safe-floor-decal-collage-lp

      Custom Printed Social Distancing Indoor Decals

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    Key Points for Custom Floor & Carpet Decals:

    • Floor & Carpet Decals both use vinyl material while the former is intended to adhere to various hard floor surfaces and the latter is ideal for low-pile commercial carpet; and both have a clear overlaminate for more durability without losing high standards for non-slip performance
    • Shape options include rectangles and squares, circles and special die cut shapes
    • Take advantage of avoiding a one-time custom die charge if choose a square or rectangle with square corners or use a circle shape whose dies are available in every half-inch diameter