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Domed Labels

    Make a Real Impression With 3D Domed Labels

    Domed Label Projects That Make Your Brand Stand Out

    Durable, dimensional and tactile--domed labels really stand out from the crowd! This particular style of specialty label offers many qualities that set it apart from other label types: 

    • A raised, 3-D appearance
    • A heavy-duty, durable composition
    • A wonderfully tactile quality: people enjoy the plush feel of touching a domed label
    • The use of materials that lend UV-resistance and clarity
    • A uniquely impressive appearance

      What Makes Up a Domed Label?
      A domed label consists of five layers:
    • The liner at the bottom
    • The next layer, a special, heavy-duty adhesive to handle the extra thickness of a domed label
    • Above the adhesive, a print surface, which can be clear, white, silver, gold, or a custom color/pattern
    • The next layer, your logo, brought to vivid life with 7-Color Digital Printing
    • Lastly, the dome itself, formed when a polyurethane liquid is poured over the printed label material. Once the dome is cured, you are left with the crystal-clear, flexible,  protective coating which gives the label its raised/3-D appearance. Polyurethane, one of the most inert forms of plastic available, makes your domed label a long-lived product which will provide you with years of service.
    • SixB can be your source for domed labels

      Domed Labels

    Applications for Domed Labels:
    • Custom Packaging Domed Labels
    • Automotive Domed Labels for RV's, ATV's, Golf Carts & Trailers
    • Outdoor Weather-Resistant Domed Labels for Equipment and Machinery
    • Water-Resistant Domed Labels for Boats/Watercraft
    • Beverage Domed Labels for Wine Bottles  and Spirits Bottles
    • Appliance Domed Labels for Faucets/Tubs, including Moen & American Standard
    • Hard Goods Domed Labels, for Computers, Bar Scanners, Medical Equipment, Exercise Equipment & Sporting Equipment
    • Custom Cannabis Packaging Domed Labels
    • Custom Cosmetics Packaging Domed Labels
    • Custom Candy Packaging Domed Labels
    • Domed Labels for Swag/Give-Away /Promo Items such as Water Bottle Labels & Computer Labels

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