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As we continue to be your single source for custom Labels, Barcodes, and Labeling Products through our traditional brick-and-mortar offices and plant, you also have a select lineup of products available for online purchase 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With a new decade, navigating a pandemic and economic crisis, and more, the SixB family is here for you and your business, whether you want to make an order with a customer service rep or through our website for one of these products. While we grow the product offerings for this e-shop, please don't hesitate to share with us if you'd like to see another item added to the line-up, or simply ask for a complimentary custom label quote. Most importantly, please click through below and make your online labeling purchases!

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Gift Stickers

Winter, Spring, Summer and/or Fall, all you could gift your clients, family and friends, adding our Gift Stickers to your wrapping plans. This medley of vibrant, inclusive and personable stickers are available on writable material with base designs of multicolored digital prints. From Mardi Gras to Kwanzaa and many holidays in between, scroll through and click to view each of the packs whether you seek Winter Gift Stickers or year-round Holiday Gift Stickers.

Gift Stickers Pack Highlights:

  • 2-inch squares with square corner stickers
  • High-definition multicolored digital prints
  • Matte paper material to write on 

SixBLabels_Holiday_Gift_Stickers_ViewProduct       SixBLabels_Winter_Gift_Stickers_ViewProduct

Laser Labels & Inkjet Labels

Probably the most recognizable label type is Laser Labels & Inkjet Labels, offering the economic benefits of easily printing one's own content, be it for a personal or a business project. With SixB you get a lineup of unique sizes to choose from, giving you multiple functions for a durable, quality, adhesive label. All the while, if you seek another shape, dimension, color, label quantity, or even some pre-printed content on your Laser Label sheets, please contact us immediately for pricing and additional options.

SixB's Notable Laser Labels & Inkjet Labels Benefits For Your Business Needs:

  • Labels formatted on 8.5"x11" Sheets
  • Stock Paper Material in the Color White
  • Flexible Personalized Printing Options With Laser and Inkjet Printers

SixBLabels_LaserLabels_Circle_3Point33_ViewProduct SixBLabels_LaserLabels_Rectangle_4X3Point3_ViewProduct SixBLabels_LaserLabels_Rectangle_4Point25X2Point75_ViewProduct  SixBLabels_LaserLabels_Rectangle_4Point25X5Point5_ViewProductSixBLabels_LaserLabels_Rectangle_8Point5X5Point5_ViewProductSixBLabels_LaserLabels_Rectangle_8X11_ViewProduct

Loftware Cloud & NiceLabel On-premise Design Software

SixB Labels is proud both to use and to distribute as a value added-partner the labels and barcodes design software product lines of Loftware Cloud & NiceLabel On-premise. With Loftware's latest launch and some previous products becoming discontinued, SixB Labels is evaluating which products will better serve our clients for availability for e-commerce purchase and will be updating our shop accordingly. All the while Loftware Cloud & NiceLabel On-premise product editions are currently available for offline purchase and/or setting up a complimentary 14-Day or 30-Day Trial.  Contact us for more information and/or visit our general information page here.

Social Distancing Indoor Floor Decals

Operating businesses open to the public and/or employees require a number of new protocols. Social Distancing Indoor Floor Decals are quite influential reminders of distancing measures, and the need to reduce the risk of spread at your establishment. While we encourage you to click through for the stock 12" Circle Decal below, we also have additional stock designs available, like a 7"x22" Rectangle with an arrow and "One Way" messaging, as well as custom design options, which we encourage you to inquire about today.