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Label Applicators

    Labels Don't Apply Themselves

    Fulfill The Need For Speed: Solutions, That Is

    Automatic and Semi-automatic Label Applicators can make all the difference in production line processes. As an authorized distributor of products from CTM Labeling Systems, Start International, Take-A-Label, Inc., and Dispensa-Matic, there are a variety of efficiency solutions to share for your consideration. 

    Please see an overview of available Label Applicators below, and SixB-specific pricing is available upon request.

    Label Applicator Features To Look For:

    • Set-ups, from more simplified production lines to the industrial
    • Options for Merge, Blow-on or Tamp-Blow Applications
    • Range of Widths such as 5", 7.5" or 10"
    • Functional product size ranges starting from 0.25" in diameter
    • Maximum label roll diameters up to 12"
    • Minimum and maximum core diameter requirements from 1" to 3"
    • Module switch-ability options
    • Operation modes such as Single Label; Front and Back Label; Cover Label; or Re-Label usage
    • Varying labeling speeds, up to 300+ products per minute depending on configuration capabilities
    • User-Friendly Operator Adjustments between long run and short run scenarios
    • Varying sensor options like a "Self-Teaching" Label Sensor or semi-automatic foot-switch choice
    • label-applicators

      Label Applicators

    • ctm-360a-applicator-1

      CTM 360a Applicator

    • ctm-360hs-applicator

      CTM 360HS Applicator

    • ctm-front-back-applicator

      CTM Front/Back Applicator

    • ctm-wrap-applicator

      CTM 360a WR Wrap Applicator

    • ctm-pail-label-applicator

      CTM Pail Labeler

    • start-lap-65-60

      Start Lap 65-60

    • tal-250ss-applicator

      Take-A-Label 250SS Applicator

    • tal-3100t-applicator

      Take-A-Label 3100T Applicator

    • tal-3100r-applicator

      Take-A-Label 3100R Applicator

    SixB Label Applicators to Choose From:

    Remember When Ordering Labels:

    • Notify your sales contact if the labels will be applied by the machine
    • Select one of the eight Label Wind Positions 
    • Share the maximum core diameter your applicator allows for the label roll to correspond in size

    NOTEWORTHY: Several of our customers have told us about this Race Label hand applicator. We are not a distributor but we felt the need to include it here.


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