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Label Printers and Barcode Printers

    Label It, Barcode It, Or Both

    Customizing Labeling With Hybrid Solutions

    Many businesses find that a flexibility to incorporate aspects of product packaging in-house are absolutes of their operations. Label Printers and Barcode Printers are of particular interest, allowing for ad hoc print runs, varying volumes and less cost-inclusive changes in production.

    With SixB Labels, one could choose to garner varying packages including Blank Labels and/or Base-Branded Labels; Barcode and Label Design Software; Printer Ribbons; Single-Color Direct Thermal or Thermal Transfer Sato® Printers and Multi-Color Inkjet Epson® Printers, as well as Consultations and Training Services. 

    Take a look at the specific features and options of our Label Printers and Barcode Printers, and we look forward to connecting with you on your labeling program.

    Single-Color Direct Thermal or Thermal Transfer Sato® Printers:



    Need help with WS408? Check out this series of training videos.

    Above link includes this video on adding an external unwinder.


    "We did not have some elaborate initiative to also sell the likes of Label Software, Barcode Readers, Printers. Over the years, organically, our customers came to us for help in choosing these additional products. These suppliers have proven themselves and they show they have the same values towards quality and service as we do."

    – Fari, Vice President

    • label-printers-and-barcode-printers

      Epson and Sato Brand Printers

    • sato-clnx-series-printers

      Sato CLNXTM Series

    • sato-m84-pro-series

      Sato M84Pro Series

    • sato-ws408-12-series-clamshell-1

      Sato WS408/WS412 Series

    • sato-m8485se-print-engine

      Sato M8485Se Print Engine

    • epson-colorworks-c7500-inkjet-label-printer

      Epson ColorWorksTM C7500G / C7500GE Inkjet Label Printers

    • epson-colorworks-c3500-inkjet-label-printer

      Epson ColorWorksTM C3500 Inkjet Label Printer

    • epson-colorworks-c831-wide-color-label-printer

      Epson ColorWorksTM C831 Wide Label Printer

    • epson-C6000-series-printers

      Epson ColorWorksTM C6000A and C6500A Printer

    • sato-ws2-printer-for-healthcare

      Sato® WS2

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    Label Printers Testimonial:

    "I love using Six B for all my label needs! Fari and the crew always go above and beyond to help with anything I need. I definitely recommend them." – Alvin

    "These guys have done a great job and have been really helpful and responsive." — Lisa