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Barcode Services

    Chockfull of Barcode Ideas

    More Than 40 Years of Barcode Consultation & Barcode Training

    In the business of Simplifying Barcodes for more than 40 years and counting, SixB's custom Barcode Services for our customers continue to be mutually invaluable. As we dive into customer programs we love to bring our years of experience along with an openness to learn. Then we get to leverage that know-how almost indefinitely. Here is an overview of our Barcode Services.

    Barcode Consulting Ideal For:

    • Start-ups beginning their Barcode operations
    • Small businesses ready to revamp their Barcode program
    • Larger businesses considering a different Barcode perspective

    Barcode Training Opportunities Include:

    • Personalized sessions for your business
    • One-on-one or group training, including seminars
    • Your business location or SixB Offices in Dallas, TX
    • Topics ranging from Barcode Symbology to Thermal Transfer Printers, to related Software

    Request A Complimentary Label Consultation

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      Barcode Services

    • qr-and-data-matrix-barcodes

      QR vs. Datamatrix Codes

    Barcode Verification Options:

    • Shareable evaluation and scoring of current Barcodes
    • Barcode products to verify in-house
    • Recommendations on Barcode Symbology Guidelines
    • More information on our Barcode Verification page

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