UL Approved Labels / CSA Approved Labels

    Approved by Underwriters 

    CSA-Certified and UL Approved Labels for Your Products

    If you've ever taken a good look at the base of your desk lamp, you will have noticed a product label, normally made of white or silver polyester, with a product description.

    A closer look would reveal a mark from the Underwriters Laboratories (UL)--a small circle with the UL logo inside it, and under it, a term such as "listed" or "classified,"  plus a registration number.

    The Underwriters Laboratories test consumer products for safety and durability, including electrical, electronic, and fire safety products, as well as water quality, food safety, and environmentally hazardous materials.

    When products and systems pass their stringent tests, they give their approval to a business or printer to produce a UL Label, such as a UL-Approved, UL-Certified, or UL 969, which will be applied to a product, to show that it has been qualified. The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) also conducts these tests and issues a similar label.

    We can print your UL-Approved Labels for you or sell you the right materials, ribbons and/or printer to produce them in-house.

    The SixB Labels' Simplifying Labeling approach can help your business to be compliant with requirements for UL-Recognized and CSA-Recognized  labeling.  We can offer you over 40 years of experience in producing durable, high-quality UL-and CSA-Certified Labels. Rely upon us with confidence!

    Common Applications for UL/CSA Labels:

    • Safety Glass UL Labels
    • Asset UL Labels
    • Fuse Box UL Labels
    • Electrical Control Panel UL Labels
    • Computer Parts UL Labels
    • Light Bulb UL Labels
    • Circuit Breaker UL Labels
    • Charging Station UL Labels
    • CO2 UL Labels
    • Smoke Alarm UL Labels
    • Sprinkler System UL Labels
    • Fire Extinguisher UL Labels
    • Furnace UL Labels
    • Warning Labels, Safety Labels 

    SixB Meets Compliance Requirements:

    • UL Certified
    • CSA Certified


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    Popular Equipment Labels Materials:

    • High-Temperature — up to 350° F — Polyester or Mylar
    • Extremely-High-Temperature — up to 1,000° F — Polyimide or Kapton®
    •  Inkjet, Thermal Transfer Materials
    • UL Certified, UL 969, CSA, FCC Approved & Tamper-Evident Films or Mylar

      Common UL/CSA Label Printing Parameters:

    • Lamination for Additional Protection & Durability
    • Variable Data options such as Code 39 (Code 3 of 9) & Code 128
    • Pre-Printed Shells and Blank Options
    • Matte or Gloss Appearances


    UL/CSA Compliant Labels Testimonials:

    "We have been very happy. We would absolutely quote with you again!" — Rhonda