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    Event Labels for Angel City Sports

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    Non-Profit Corner Series — The story about Event Labels for the non-profit Angel City Sports’ showcase festival and competition, the Angel City Games, is a personal one. A little over 10 years ago, our nephew Ezra was born with physical limb differences. His parents, Bahar and Clayton Frech, immersed themselves in, and introduced our family to, the Adaptive Sports community. Now Ezra — a Track & Field multi-national record holder, Sports Illustrated’s SportsKid of the Year 2014, starting quarterback — is the inspiration of the Angel City Games, where children and adults with physical differences come together and compete to eventually qualify for the Paralympics.

    The Angel City Games go hand-in-hand with the SixB world of Labels and Barcodes. Here is a look at what we accomplished together for the June 19-20, 2015 Games, along with images displaying some of the results.



    Quick Notes


    • Giveaways & Swag Bags
    • Sign Boards & Prize Checks
    • Event Badges, Event Tents & Event Tables
    • Prosthetics, Wheelchairs & Sports Equipment

    Materials & More:

    • Gradient Colors in HD Digital Prints
    • PMS Spot Colors in Flexographic Prints
    • Semi Gloss and Bopp
    • Lamination and UV Varnish Variations
    • White Vinyl with 24 Process Blue Stock Silkscreen Ink
    • Outputs in Label Sheets and Label Rolls

    • #TrueAthlete Stickers: We like to call them Motivation Tags; others might be more familiar with Bumper Stickers that are printed via Silkscreen with vinyl material. For the Angel City Games, #TrueAthlete Stickers were essentially photographic props for athletes, volunteers and attendees to increase awareness about the organization on their social media channels. More recently, a Conversation Sticker has been developed with logo, call to action and social handles for distribution during outreach interactions.
    • Sign Labels: Our Sign Labels variations included Track & Field Tent Signs, Village Booth Table Signs and Logo Branded Blank Signs. The sign labels were produced digitally, along with variable data points, to populate such items as sign headers, sub-headings and booth numbers where applicable. The blank signs became particularly handy for real-time needs during the event, like separating parts of the registration area. Then the label held on to permanent marker, or Sharpie, writings.
    • Prize Check Labels: Angel City Games had 10 Prizes in its Shoe City Pro Performance Awards, yet the results would come in during the event, leaving certain details unavailable during the digital printing process. Afterwards, these labels were marked via Sharpie with the winners’ names, similarly to the Sign Labels detailed above.
    • Event Badge Labels: Worn throughout the event, these double-sided and sheeted laser-related labels helped identify Athletes, Media, VIP and Staff throughout the event. These badge labels were placed in plastic covers attachable to lanyards, depicting an individual’s category on both sides. Blank Angel City Games Logo Name Badge Labels were also created for other real-time occurrences during the June event, as well as to have on hand for other applicable occasions throughout the year, such as the Shoe City Pro Performance Awards VIP reception in October.
    • Data Matrix Code: A scannable Data Matrix Code was developed linking to www.AngelCityGames.org and printed on banners and such items as Angel City Games logo labels. As part of an integrated print marketing campaign, this barcode still connects collateral with their main online source, i.e., their web site.
    • Logo Labels: From ovals to rectangles, various Logo Labels were generated to place on giveaways like a Hail Merry’s Chocolate Macaroons package. Rectangular logo labels even found their way to sports equipment, wheelchairs and prosthetics, like Ezra’s Cheetah leg, featured in the image medley of this post. The Logo Labels included various additional details, such as site URL, data matrix code, and event dates.

    Ultimately, the core of SixB Labels’ passion is helping people, and our sponsorship of Angel City leverages our products and services to generate more awareness for the Adaptive Sports Community. We ask you to join us in their support and to learn more about what you could do today. Meanwhile, if you have a non-profit, a special cause or the like, please connect with us, and we would be more than happy to explore a partnership.

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    Sara Shereen Bakhshian

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