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    Running Stickers

    Motivation Mondays SeriesAs we continue through the first weeks of 2016, some of us might have let go of exercise-based New Year’s resolutions. To those going strong on such resolutions: power to you, and keep it up! Meanwhile, many in our group are not so physically inclined when it comes to running.

    Blessed Stickers

    You might have seen it on Instagram, Twitter or more recently on Facebook. The trending hashtag “Blessed,” followed by an emoji of two hands coming together, for posts where folks are showing something they tend to be grateful for. We believe our Blessed Stickers are symbolic for our shared vocabulary year-round, and particularly over these next two holiday weeks.

    Stress Stickers

    The Thanksgiving Holiday Week is underway. The optimistic perspective is that family and friends come together to share food, drink and grateful anecdotes.

    Zombie Stickers

    Motivation Mondays Series — Our hearts beat as heavily as that of other viewers of AMC’s The Walking Dead on Sundays. Also, Halloween is no longer the single time of the year to revel in Zombies. So, we came up with a Zombie-related fun approach to those who take less-than-smart actions in our lives. One with Zombie Stickers.

    Goal Stickers

    Motivation Mondays Series — Deadlines are everywhere. From childhood through adult education, we’re given due dates for projects and papers. Retailers give them for certain offers. Businesses use them for projects and deliverables. Interestingly enough, it seems unnatural to use deadlines in our personal lives.

    Life Stickers

    Motivation Mondays Series — More than 20 years ago our founder, father, and grandfather Nosrat was diagnosed with a heart condition. In the midst of the diagnosis, he felt empowered rather than debilitated. “Don’t Take Life Seriously It’s Not Permanent,” became his favorite sticker. (Which we like to call "Life Stickers.")

    Nothing Is Impossible Motivation Stickers

    Motivation Mondays Series — #DontStealPossible is a trending hashtag that caught our attention last week on Instagram. Don't Steal Possible is a campaign against inequality in the New York City education system. Those that join the cause become a part of “Team Possible.”

    Success Stickers

    Motivation Mondays Series — Success has many, many, many and even many more definitions. Society, or at a more granular level, our specific industries, have taken this term and exploded its notions — for the individual, group, business, etc. — into significant profit with books, blogs, articles and beyond. And SixB Labels is well in the game with this Motivation Tag: “Success is a Journey Not a Destination”

    Action Motivation Stickers

    Motivation Mondays Series — Are You A Leader? Follower? How many times, in our educational and business careers, have these questions come up in quizzes and thought pieces? Probably more times than some, or even most, would like. Here is arguably a more desirable take with these Action Motivation Stickers: “Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way …”, a quote attributed to Thomas Paine.

    Rate Motivation Stickers

    Motivation Mondays Series — On this first Monday of the Fall 2015 Season, we think of those special people in our lives and their possibly more precious questions. At certain times (or even many times), we just want to ask “Seriously?!” although it doesn’t have much of a beneficial effect. Enter the Rate Motivation Stickers, at least for a laugh.

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