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    6 Steps to Outstanding Custom Cosmetic Labels

    OK, so you have this amazing personal care or beauty product, and developing your custom cosmetic label ideas is concerning because maybe you have never done one before, and/or despite years of experience are having a difficult time creating a new concept. SixB Labels has manufactured an abundance of personal care and beauty product labels over the years — from lip glosses, nail polish, and skincare lines to eye shadows, hair care products, and essential oils.  We hope the insights in this post give you the necessary tools to take the next steps when creating labels for cosmetic glass jars, bottles, plastic jars, or tubes.

    Label requirements might be product specific, but often require it to be moisture resistant to withstand wet environments, particularly oils, and durable enough not to wrinkle, scratch or tear from frequent handling or even being carried inside a purse. Custom-designed labels for cosmetic products may be applied to many different types of containers, including

    • Labels for cosmetic jars and lipstick tubes
    • Clear cosmetic labels for nail polish bottles
    • Labels for cosmetic tubes (mascara, lip-gloss, eye rollerball)
    • Labels for squeezable bottles, hand sanitizer bottles
    • Labels for plastic or glass cosmetic bottles

    Rhonda Allison Skin Care Labels

    Client Chat Series — Susan Springer, at our client company Rhonda Allison Clinical Enterprises, shared some background on their skin care. Of particular interest is how the Rhonda Allison Skin Care Labels reflect the integrity and honor of their brand.

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