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    Blessed Stickers

    You might have seen it on Instagram, Twitter or more recently on Facebook. The trending hashtag “Blessed,” followed by an emoji of two hands coming together, for posts where folks are showing something they tend to be grateful for. We believe our Blessed Stickers are symbolic for our shared vocabulary year-round, and particularly over these next two holiday weeks.

    Action Motivation Stickers

    Motivation Mondays Series — Are You A Leader? Follower? How many times, in our educational and business careers, have these questions come up in quizzes and thought pieces? Probably more times than some, or even most, would like. Here is arguably a more desirable take with these Action Motivation Stickers: “Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way …”

    Rate Motivation Stickers

    Motivation Mondays Series — On this first Monday of the Fall 2015 Season, we think of those special people in our lives and their possibly more precious questions. At certain times (or even many times), we just want to ask “Seriously?!” although it doesn’t have much of a beneficial effect. Enter the Rate Motivation Stickers, at least for a laugh.

    Oh Please Motivation Stickers

    Motivation Mondays Series — The work week has officially begun as you begin your routine: eyes on the computer screen and then a presence is felt.

    diff·abil·i·ty stickers

    Labels Self-Promotion

    Businesses have a multitude of labels to incorporate in their operations, depending on their product or service. (Our drop-down menus in the navigation bar above probably give the best picture.) At SixB we take those considerations into account, and still look for outside-the-box solutions to brand ourselves through some self-promotion.

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