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    Client Chat With Dallas Distilleries

    Client Chats Series — Our client company, Dallas Distilleries, maker of the Herman Marshall brand of Texas whiskies, hides in plain sight off the main road in Garland, Texas, amid sprawling warehouses in a business park. Behind an unassuming façade, fronted by a shop selling whiskey by the bottle, sits a cavernous space full of open-top cypress fermentation tanks and white oak casks, where a big gleaming pot still, like an engine from a steampunk movie, holds pride of place.

    I participated in one of their weekend tours, full of history, chemistry, and fun. We listened to an account of how the whiskey is made, sampled bottled products, including bourbon and rye, and tasted the sour mash as well as the white dog — the new whiskey before it is aged. Along with other customers, I got to fill, cork, and label the bottle of bourbon I bought. Then Herman Beckley, who leads the tours, sat down with me to share some more details of their company’s history and explain how their experience working with SixB Labels has helped them to showcase and sell their products.

    Good Vapes Client Chat

    Client Chats Series — Talking with Erin Freeman from our client company, Good Vapes, a  supplier of hand-crafted e Liquids and vaping hardware, gave her an opportunity to share her vision and passion for her company.  As she filled us in on its past, its current growth, and its prospects for the future, two important points emerged from her company story. These are the impact on her business of a fast-moving, ever-changing regulatory environment for her product lines, and the significant role that SixB Labels has played in the growth and success of her business.

    Sunny Honey Labels

    Client Chats Series — SixB Labels' client, and North Texas local, James Williams, of Sunnyvale Honey Producers, recently shared his company and custom Honey Labels story with us.

    How did you get started in the honey business?

    I began producing honey back in the 1980’s, in Baytown, Texas. My parents' next-door neighbor kept bees; watching him got me interested. I started with 25 hives, then 100, and kept it growing. At first, I sold honey by the barrel to packers, who resold primarily to bakeries, like Mrs. Baird’s. Eventually I relocated to Sunnyvale, outside Mesquite, Texas, and developed a retail business serving the greater North Texas area.

    Rhonda Allison Skin Care Labels

    Client Chat Series — Susan Springer, at our client company Rhonda Allison Clinical Enterprises, shared some background on their skin care. Of particular interest is how the Rhonda Allison Skin Care Labels reflect the integrity and honor of their brand.

    Wee Cleaner Up

    Client Chat Series — Our client, Christy Evans, shared with us how she started her business, Wee Cleaner, and her experience with SixB as a label provider.

    Great One Cookie - Food Labels

    Client Chats Series — We had a recent opportunity to speak with Pam Denesuk, founder and owner of Great One Cookie Company.

    A Pinch of Sweet Pea Spices Labels

    Client Chats Series — Recently, we took the opportunity to speak with Sophia Stevens about her company's Sweet Pea Spices labels.

    Good as Gold Gourmet Basket Labels

    Client Chat Series — We recently visited with Al Anaglia to talk about their Gourmet Basket Labels. He and his wife Margaret own Al’s Gourmet Nuts.

    Deep Ellum Brewing Company Culture - Client Chat

    Client Chat Series — For another take on the theme of simplifying labeling, we recently took the opportunity to chat with Zach Fickey, who is in charge of events for Deep Ellum Brewing Company.

    Texas Toffee Queen Luxe Label

    Client Chats Series — To kick off our Q&A series about simplifying labeling, Client Chats, we take a look at Texas Toffee Queen. We spoke recently with the owner, Nancy Lalumia.

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