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    Goal Stickers

    [fa icon="clock-o"] 10/26/15 6:09 AM [fa icon="user"] Sara Shereen Bakhshian [fa icon="folder-open'] Motivation Mondays, Outdoor Labels

    Motivation Mondays Series — Deadlines are everywhere. From childhood through adult education, we’re given due dates for projects and papers. Retailers give them for certain offers. Businesses use them for projects and deliverables. Interestingly enough, it seems unnatural to use deadlines in our personal lives.

    Consider our Goal Stickers: “A Goal Without A Deadline Is Only A Dream!” It seems so simple to place deadlines on elements for the professional world, yet so difficult for our personal wants. Let’s place more power and focus in the personal.

    What reality will you set in motion today?


    Quick Notes

    SixB Product: Motivation Stickers (also known as Bumper Sticker Decals)

    Applying To: Wall of and in Room of Choice, Office Board, Regularly Seen Locale

    Materials & More:

    • 39 Emerald Green Ink 
    • White Vinyl with Silkscreen Printing Method
    • Label Size of 11.5" Width by 3" Height

    Save Time - Email Us Directly With Your Label Questions: 



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    Sara Shereen Bakhshian

    Written by Sara Shereen Bakhshian

    Digital Marketing Director at SixB Labels

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