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    7 Ways To Label With SixB

    [fa icon="clock-o"] 5/3/18 11:42 AM [fa icon="user"] Sara Shereen Bakhshian [fa icon="folder-open'] Labeling Products, Labels, Hotstamp, Flexo, Digital Printing, Foil Stamped, Embossed

    According to Merriam-Webster, "a slip (as of paper or cloth) inscribed and affixed to something for identification or description" and  "written or printed matter accompanying an article to furnish identification or other information" are just a couple of definitions for the word "label."  But SixB Labels takes those definitions steps further, to identify multiple ways those in a variety of industries, from Food and Beverage to Health and Beauty, Automotive, Luxury, Technology, and beyond,  could utilize our business to produce their labeling program. Here are basic and then deep dive looks at 7 Ways to Label With SixB.*
    • Blank and Foil-Stamped Labels for Inkjet Printers, such as the Epson C3500 and C7500
    • Blank Labels for Sheet-Fed Inkjet or Laser Printers
    • Digital, Flexo-Printed, Foil Stamped and Embossed Labels, in Rolls or Sheets, Line or Process Work
    • Labels For Single Color Thermal Transfer or Direct Thermal Printers
    • Combinations of Digital, Flexo, Foil Stamped and Thermal Transfer Printed Labels
    • Producing Digitally Printed Labels In Your Custom Set-up Until Ready To Purchase Applicable Products
    • "Labeling Add-Ons," Such As Applicators, Dispensers and PremiumWax/Resin Ribbons
    *Note: Many, if not a majority, of our Labels are available in various Sizes, Shapes, Materials and Adhesives.

    No. 1: Blank and Foil-Stamped Labels For Inkjet Printers, such as the Epson C3500 and C7500

    You might have a multitude of products and/or label version variations that call for multi-color in-house printing, rather than garnering labels printed end-to-end with your labeling partner. Our blank and foil-stamped labels are available for die-cuts in various sizes, shapes, materials and adhesives.  They are then provided on roles for use in inkjet digital printers, such as the Epson C3500, 4000 and C7500With these printers, we offer inks, software, training and consultations as purchase options. We could even customize our ongoing support level to your business needs.

    No. 2: Blank Labels for Sheet-Fed Inkjet or Laser Printers

    In a scenario similar to No. 1 above, your business calls for printing your own specific label design(s) and/or versions. Meanwhile,  your inkjet or laser printer requires sheeted labels to be fed into the machine to print. In this case, we could provide blank labels in various sizes and shapes that accept inkjet or laser prints.

    No. 3: Digital, Flexo, Foil Stamped, Embossed Labels; in Rolls or Sheets; Line or Process Work

    Among SixB's specialties is utilizing a multitude of printing methods, including HD Digital, Flexography, Foil Stamping, Embossing, and Silkscreen work. The output labels, available in various sizes, shapes, materials, and adhesives, could be provided in rolls or sheets and developed with line or process work. These labels incorporate durability options such as  Lamination or Varnishes; they could also be as custom as your business requires, or could leverage size and shape tooling already in stock for more cost efficiencies. 

    No. 4: Any Combination of Digital, Flexo, Foil Stamped, and Thermal Transfer Printed Labels for Multiple Product Variations

    While product manufacturing typically incorporates producing and developing a number of variations, it also requires the printing of multiple label designs and information versions to match. SixB Labels prides itself on providing labels across a spectrum of printing methods, including those previously listed: Thermal Transfer, Foil Stamping, Flexography, and Digital Inkjet. At the same time, our company is one of the relatively rare manufacturers to engineer across methods for combination printing solutions. Ultimately, SixB takes the complexities of your business needs into account while developing a simplified labeling program.


    No. 5: Pre-Printed Labels For Use With Single-Color Thermal Transfer or Direct Thermal Printers

    Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal production methods use a ribbon to allow for attractive and cost-effective digital printing of one color at a time.  See more details below on our multitude of ribbon color options available. This applies whether a business already has their respective printer(s) or would like to purchase a Sato machine with our value adds. SixB could also provide labels shaped and pre-printed through a variety of methods, such as Digital, Flexography, Foil Stamping, and Embossing. (On par with other labeling options, these labels are also available in rolls or sheet formats, with line or process work, along with Lamination or Varnishes-- all in various sizes, shapes, materials and adhesives.)

    No. 6: Customizing a Medley of Label Production on the Epson Brand Inkjet Printer, or the Sato Brand Thermal Transfer Printer Sold by SixB, Until You Are Ready To Purchase the Printer and Software

    Developing a labeling program where designs are partially or fully printed within one's business can prove exceptionally complex. SixB is happy to help create a solution custom-tailored to each client's requirements. For example, we could develop a procedure for die-cutting the size and shape of your labels, leaving them blank or with base printing, using our various printing methods, and then print personalization and information for product variation via one of our multi-color Epson Brand Inkjet Printers or single-color Sato Brand Ribbon Thermal Transfer Printers. These printers could be available for purchase later. Note below the multitude of ribbon color options too.  Label Design Software, Printer Ribbons, and Die-Cut Labels are also available for ongoing purchase. When a business is ready to purchase the printer and additional products, SixB will provide the related label design files and offer applicable training. SixB customizes support for our clients with their benefit in mind, rather than vice versa.

    No. 7: "Labeling Add-Ons," Such As Applicators, Dispensers, and Premium Wax/Resin Ribbons

    In your labeling decisions with SixB, choosing the appropriate label type, material, shape, and so on for your product or purpose is a key category, and there are some additional "add-on" products that might be appropriate to consider. Label Applicators can be extremely influential in streamlining a manufacturers' production processes, with offerings varying from the most simple standard feature set-ups to the more elaborate customized ones. Label Dispensers are one of those gadgets that are so handy and renowned — in set-ups ranging from production lines to payment stations — that it is difficult to imagine not having at least one of them. Additionally, Premium Wax/Resin Printer Ribbons are going through what one might call a Renaissance Period. In the past, single-color Thermal Printers were relegated to Black Ribbons, or if a cost-effective provider could be found, Bright Blue, Red, or Green Ribbons. Now, SixB offers 17 Colors that could provide a business with smudge and scratch-resistant functionality and much more.  Even better, these ribbons are cost and operation-conscious, and require only a "minimum order quantity of one."

    Printer_Ribbons_Medley_Multicolors (1)

    Essentially, these ways to develop your labeling program with SixB reflect how we have been Simplifying Labeling since 1979, providing standard and custom options alike. We invite you to connect with us in the way you choose: Email Us for General Questions, Request Label Samples,  or Request a Quote!

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    Sara Shereen Bakhshian

    Written by Sara Shereen Bakhshian

    Director, Marketing at SixB Labels

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