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    [fa icon="clock-o"] 1/18/16 8:00 AM [fa icon="user"] Sara Shereen Bakhshian [fa icon="folder-open'] Motivation Mondays, Outdoor Labels, Bumper Stickers

    Motivation Mondays SeriesAs we continue through the first weeks of 2016, some of us might have let go of exercise-based New Year’s resolutions. To those going strong on such resolutions: power to you, and keep it up! Meanwhile, many in our group are not so physically inclined when it comes to running.

    And so we came up with these Running Stickers: “If You See Me Running … CALL THE POLICE.” Well, because if you catch some of us running, something might be wrong, very wrong...dangerously wrong.

    Actually, the writer of this post brought up the idea of printing these running stickers, despite participating in the SeaWheeze Half-Marathon a few years back. The Vancouver scenery and the exclusive Lululemon sample sale were the driving forces in their sign-up. All the while, there was an Uber car request back-up plan in place.


    Quick Notes

    SixB Product: Motivation Stickers (also known as Bumper Stickers)

    Applying Sticker To: Regularly Seen Locale Such As A Wall within Room of Choice, Office Board, etc.

    Sticker Materials & More:

    All joking, semi-joking, and not-so-much joking aside, we hope these Running Stickers trigger a delectable conversation among us, be it to Request a Quote for a similar sticker or literally to start a conversation.

    Note for quote requests: the material is white vinyl, with the 18 Rhodamine Red stock ink, printed via silkscreen, with the ink color done in reverse.

    Ultimately we view these as Conversation Stickers, moving beyond the previous notion of placement on car bumpers, and hence the former name Bumper Stickers. Rather, we believe these Running Stickers, and others like them, should be placed on any wall in a room or cubicle, for example, and given to individuals by hand for such discussions.

    For the SixB Labels Family, 2016 is going to be about conversations. We are looking for connection opportunities with you: the one-time or regular Simplifying Labeling Blog reader; the first-time or repeat Web site visitor; and the current end-user customer or distributor, to name some identifiers. However you identify with SixB, we look forward to starting or continuing conversation(s) in the year ahead.

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    Sara Shereen Bakhshian

    Written by Sara Shereen Bakhshian

    Director, Marketing at SixB Labels

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