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    [fa icon="clock-o"] 10/5/15 6:19 AM [fa icon="user"] Sara Shereen Bakhshian [fa icon="folder-open'] Motivation Mondays, Outdoor Labels

    Motivation Mondays Series — Success has many, many, many and even many more definitions. Society, or at a more granular level, our specific industries, have taken this term and exploded its notions — for the individual, group, business, etc. — into significant profit with books, blogs, articles and beyond. And SixB Labels is well in the game with this Motivation Tag: “Success is a Journey Not a Destination”


    Quick Notes

    SixB Product: Motivation Stickers (also known as Bumper Stickers)

    Applying To: Wall of and in Room of Choice, Office Board, Regularly Seen Locale

    Materials & More:

    • 21 Peacock Blue Ink & White Vinyl
    • Label Size of 11.5" Width by 3" Height
    • Favorite of our Vice President Fari

    Whatever one’s definition of Success, it is not isolated to the achievement of a single event, the acquisition of a goal, or the like. Rather, it is a series of events. Ultimately, once we reach a level of Success, we then change to another definition or goal--potentially a never-ending cycle.

    What is your Success Journey?

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